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Shop Local in RochdaleI live in Rochdale. I have seen how our town centre has gone downhill over the last few years. It has not surprised me that many local residents around Rochdale feel the same. It is time for something to be done.

I previously lobbied the former Liberal Democrat Council to hurry up with their proposed shopping development; unfortunately they botched the attempt to find a developer and missed the opportunity. The chance has now passed. Instead of recognising this, the Council pressed on trying to find someone interested in developing Rochdale at a further cost of £250,000 to Rochdale council tax payers.

I think we all need to take a step back and come up with realistic plans to support Rochdale’s existing traders. We are in turbulent economic times, we can’t let Rochdale suffer now and we need innovation, energy and creativity to put our town back on its feet.

It’s the people that make Rochdale and I believe it is the people of Rochdale who will find the solutions to the town centre’s problems. Together let’s make a brighter future for Rochdale.

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