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Gaza blockade must be lifted, says MP



Rochdale MP and Chairman of Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East (LFPME) Simon Danczuk MP told Parliament last week that the blockade of Gaza needed to be lifted to find a sustainable solution to violence.


Speaking in a Parliamentary debate on the Gaza crisis, Simon Danczuk MP said:


“Does the Foreign Secretary agree that unless the blockade of Gaza is ended, there will be little chance of a permanent end to the violence?”
Responding, Foreign Secretary William Hague said he agreed that more open access into and out of Gaza was an important part of the solution. “That includes access for more normal items of trade as well as people,” he added.

Speaking after the debate, Simon Danczuk MP said:


“Israel’s action will not advance security for either Gaza or Israel and is only likely to inflame tensions in the region. It is quite clear that the Israeli response is massively disproportionate and if continued will lead to the deaths of many innocent people."


The Labour leader, Ed Miliband MP added:


“Both sides, regional players and the international community - including the UK Government - share a profound moral duty to do everything possible to prevent such any ground invasion. Every effort must be made through the United Nations, the Quartet, The Arab League and the wider international community to reverse decisively the unfolding dynamic of events. Time is now very short to avert another catastrophe."

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