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Rochdale Entrepreneur meets Prime Minister

Zulf and Simon with Gordon BrownA leading Rochdale businessman took time out this week to accompany Simon Danczuk, Rochdale’s Labour Parliamentary Candidate, to a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The pair visited 10 Downing Street to discuss the importance of enterprise in helping create the jobs that make a local economy successful.

Zulf Ali said: “I was delighted to be invited to meet the Prime Minister and other Government ministers. I made it clear to them that banks should be better regulated and need to be more supportive of small and start-up businesses. It was good to tell the Prime Minister and Government Ministers like Hazel Blears, the Local Government and Communities Minister, and Jane Kennedy, the Treasury Minister, what the economic situation is like on the ground in Rochdale.”

Simon Danczuk added: “I’m determined to make sure Rochdale people Zulf and Simon outside No 10get to voice their concerns at the heart of Government. The UK economy is tough at the moment because of global problems and it’s critically important that we do all we can to make sure Rochdale’s economy is performing at its best. Business start-ups in Rochdale are the lowest in Greater Manchester and the number is now declining compared to last year. Whilst this is happening the Liberal Democrat controlled Council is closing the Enterprise Factory on Spotland Road, which was specifically set-up to help new businesses get underway. I do find it ironic that the Council closes a business support agency on the edge of Falinge where we have record numbers of people out of work. Its businesses that create the jobs we need for people to get back into work.”

Simon continued: “I don’t have the power our Member of Parliament has but I won’t let that stop me using all my contacts and influence to ensure the problems Rochdale faces are raised at the highest level. Politics shouldn’t be about aimless campaigns that make lots of noise but achieve nothing, Rochdale politics needs to be about achieving results, improving our town, helping families have a better standard of living. The Lib Dem Council and our Lib Dem MP are failing to improve our economy so I’m doing what I can to impress upon Government what kind of help and support we need.”

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